Soli Deo Gloria

Im Leben und Sterben: Einheit mit Christus!

Zitate zur Heiligkeit

»There is a pattern here, a pattern repeated in history. God appears, people quake in terror, God forgives and heals, God sends. From brokenness to mission is the human pattern.« (p. 32)

»He [Isaiah] still had an identity. He still had a personality. Far from God seeking to destroy the “self”, as many distortions of Christianity would claim, God redeems the self. He heals the self so that is may be useful and fulfilled in the mission to which the person is called.« (p. 33)

»There is irony here. I am sure that the reason I have a deep hunger to learn of the holiness of God is precisely because I am not holy.« (p. 33)



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