Soli Deo Gloria

Im Leben und Sterben: Einheit mit Christus!

Titus in 4 Minuten

Der Song der Woche ist mehr eine Predigt als ein Lied: Eine Zusammenfassung von dem Buch Titus aus der Bibel:

Der Liedtext (wenn ihr eine Übersetzung gut fändet – wie immer: kommentieren), in Klammern die Versangaben:

Verse 1
Let’s take a look at the letter Paul wrote to Titus/ Yeah we about to dive in, I hope you excited/ For sure it’s inspired let’s go and apply it/ Arrive at conclusions useful to giving Christ His/ Glory that He deserves, His story in His word/ And Titus is all about giving Him glory as His church/ From Paul a bondservant (1:1), to Titus (1:4) they both fervent/ Both serving Christ with they life with the most urgence (1:4)/ Titus was his disciple he left Him in Crete/ To keep the church in order (1:5) this lessons complete/ Wit rules about elders (1:5-9), fools who need help (1:10-16) and/ Jews who do fail (1:10-14, 3:9) stay tuned see what he tells us/ It may seem far from us, some irrelevant text/ What if we not pastors? but just rest for a sec/ I promise ill bring it home let’s invest in the text/ I’m bout to hit you with the hook Ill be addressing it next

Let’s be sound in faith, in doctrine, in speech plus deeds/ Rep Jesus, the King, let Him lead us please/ Plus we see He told us how we must be/ Let’s read and trust Jesus who freed us please (Repeat)

Verse 2
Paul told him elders needed to be above reproach (1:6,7)/ With love and hope and living all the stuff he spoke (1:9)/ But then there are those who wear the clothes of elders but the bear the woes/ Of false teachers not speaking truth so don’t select those (1:10-11)/ Correct those men (1:13) they defy Him they’re trying/ To say they know God but by their deeds they deny Him (1:16)/ 1:5-9 are the type of cats we want to pick/ For leadership within the church, them other cats we ‚posed to fix (1:13)/ Don’t tune me out I hope that you’ll endure and see that/ These things are really marks of a mature believer/ We can see that and apply it to our own living/ Instead of sinning, tripping and living with no vision/ And don’t miss that chapter 2, really addresses me and you/ And everybody in the body with some lessons we can use (2:1-10)/ So read it all and peep the part that seems to be to you/ And live out this sound doctrine, let people see the fruit (2:14)


Verse 3
Let’s be blameless and show consideration for men (3:2)/ ‚Cause we was just like them before He saved us within/ It wasn’t strange we had rage and hatred for men/ We was disobedient deceived and enslaved to our sin (3:3)/ But He saved us and not on the basis of men/ But thanks to His mercy regeneration begins (3:5)/ He poured out His Holy Spirit, man He placed it within (3:6)/ Justified by His grace, that’s so amazing for men (3:7)/ If we see this, believe this, and we saved and freed/ Then let Jesus lead us to engage in deeds (3:8)/ Forget foolish controversy and stay in synch (3:9)/ With He who saved us and raised us His name is sweet/ I’m praying as the body of Christ we model His life/ And reference the book of Titus to follow Him right/ And we’re an accurate reflection as His beautiful church/ Let us rep Him with our words and our beautiful works



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